Company policy

Integrated Business Policy

(Quality, Environment, Safety and Social responsibility)

Aware of the importance of offering and implementing a competitive model based on utmost quality and efficiency, in terms of the costs of non-quality and social costs, EUSEBI srl has decided to maintain the effectiveness of an integrated management system, pursuant to standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:04; the company has also decided to gain further certification pursuant to BS standards OHSAS18001:07 and SA8000:08 in order to continuously ensure compliance of its services with the requirements of its customers, with applicable legislations and reference standards of the industry, especially with regard to health and safety at the workplace, including observance of any regulations undersigned by the organisation.

Integral parts of the business policy are the following principles that the Management extends to all its workers, asking them to implement them in their daily chores:

Observance of standards and continuous improvement
The company and all its employees work in compliance with all the requisites imposed by standards UNI EN ISO 9001:08,UNI EN ISO 14001:04, BS OHSAS 18001:07 and SA 8000:08 with regard to quality, the environment, safety and social responsibility.
EUSEBI IMPIANTI srl consequently aims at ensuring full compliance with current laws and national and regional regulations with regard to the activities and the products supplied, especially in relation to directive PED 97/23/CE concerning pressure equipment, to directive TPED 99/36/CE related to transportable pressure equipment (cylinders), and also to directive 94/55/CE (with regard to ADR), to directive ATEX 94/9/CE (explosive atmospheres) and those related to environmental safeguard.

Sustainable development
The company aims at preserving natural resources and at minimising or eliminating negative effects on the environment and the risks associated with its products, the productive cycle and the services, through specific improvement programs, to guarantee the customer a socially responsible product and service.
The company also promotes research activities of alternative products and processes with low environmental impact compared to those currently used.

Satisfaction of the parties involved
All employees, starting with the Management, are committed to improving the communication system with the parties involved in order to favour the integration of the company in its social context and to create enduring constructive relationships.
The main or fundamental task is that of optimising the technical – commercial organisation in order to comprehend the needs of the stakeholders in addition to the requisites specified in order to supply excellent products in terms of suitability, use and reliability.
Satisfaction of the customer, of workers and of all the other parties involved (enterprises, shareholders, control authorities, suppliers, subcontractors etc.) is fundamental to consolidate the company’s name on the market and to achieve the set economic targets.

Respect for individuals
EUSEBI Impianti srl does not admit the following within its company or within its chain of qualified suppliers: child workers; it avoids and battles all forms of discrimination, guaranteeing equal opportunities; it does not implement disciplinary procedures, such as corporal punishment, mental or physical constraints or verbal abuse; it guarantees fair wages to its employees and suitable working hours, finally guaranteeing the freedom of collective bargaining.
In compliance with the applicable standard, the company forbids and dissuades any activity that leads to any form of discrimination (i.e. sex, race, nationality, age, religion, political party, trade union or any other).
On this subject, the company firmly intends to ensure its employees a safe and healthy workplace and production processes that fully comply with safety and environmental laws and standards currently in force.
This will be possible through the implementation of considerations concerning Health and Safety when making economic decisions and throughout the company’s activities.

Preparation, information, training and awareness
Employee training and awareness represents a compulsory principle for our company, whose objective is that of offering the required training and preparation so that all employees are able to work in safety in compliance with environmental standards and according to specific techniques established to ensure the best possible qualitative level. With regard to information, it will be of fundamental importance to share the statistics related to the trend of injuries and the results of in-house and out-of-house inspections with personnel.
The company also aims at increasing the experience, preparation and sense of responsibility of personnel, including the culture of environmental protection at all levels by updating, qualifying and getting its workers thoroughly involved.

Collaboration with the parties involved
Eusebi Impianti does not simply transfer the problem of conformity to its suppliers, but actually collaborates with them and any subcontractors to identify opportunities of improving environmental performance, health and safety at the workplace and corporate social responsibility.

Efficiency and commitment towards reducing pollution  
Eusebi Impianti is also aware that an “efficient” management is at the basis of the battle against any type of waste; the company presses its personnel to behave suitably in order to reduce energy consumptions, raw materials and resources in general, following the indications and instructions that will in fact be supplied; employees are also encouraged to offer their own suggestions on possible improvements. To behave coherently with this policy, all the parties involved shall follow the environmental instructions and observe the inspections that the company has established as a guideline to prevent pollution.
The company also requests all enterprises that work on behalf of Eusebi Impianti to behave and work coherently for the protection and safeguard of the environment.

Working by objectives  
The business policy can be effectively implemented only if the Management guarantees its maximum commitment to periodically review the application method of the system and its effectiveness.
This is done by monitoring and constantly analysing the parameters related to the trend of the satisfaction of the parties involved, of the system, of the processes and of the services.
The Management defines the objectives that the company shall pursue to implement this document.

To achieve this, our organisation, in particular the General Management and the Process managers, each in their relevant role, intend to act in a number of directions:

  • Through the effective planning of their objectives.
  • Through team work.
  • Through the daily example of individual operators and various process managers.
  • Through educating suppliers.
  • Through the control and monitoring of the environmental aspects and the effectiveness and efficiency indicators of the processes of the company management system.
  • Through the identification and implementation of actions to correct and prevent non-conformities and to ensure continuous improvement.

ISO 9001sa8000 IRIS