Eusebi Impianti s.r.l., the parent company of the Eusebi Group, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of fire fighting, has become one of the leading European companies in the design and manufacture of automatic fire fighting systems.

Technological innovation, quality and internationalisation are the strong points that have made Eusebi Impianti one of the most qualified companies in this field.

This active and dynamic company supplies its systems all over the world and offers a level of professionalism to its clients that is unsurpassed.  ISO 9001ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, IRISATEX 94/9/CE and PED 97/23/CE certifications of its integrated management system make an undisputed statement of Eusebi Impianti's full potential.

In more than a quarter of a century the Group has always considered flexibility one of its major strengths.

Eusebi Impianti also has an advanced R&D division which is supported by its motivated engineering, technical sales, administration, production and marketing departments, all with a single goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

No system is too complex for us – our challenge starts where others fail!

Via Mario Natalucci 6
60131 Ancona (AN) ITALIA
Tel.: +39.071.9504900
Fax: +39.071.2865099


EI MX 1230

The fire extinguishing agent Novec TM acts both physically and chemically.


Water Mist EI Mist

EI MIST HPis the Water Mist System of Eusebi Impianti. Download the presentation below to see how it works.

Download presentation